How to register with Better Start

Please phone the Registration and Information Service (RIS) on 1800 242 636.

Your child's eligibility will be assessed and confirmed either face-to-face, via telephone, internet, email or a video link. The child's parent or carer will need to provide documents to the RIS:

  1. Proof of the child's age, preferably their birth certificate or passport
  2. Written confirmation of diagnosis (noting the necessary thresholds)
  3. Proof of residential status (if applicable)
  4. Proof of residential address (where applicable, to ensure outer-regional and remote access payment - this could be a recent bill or similar)
  5. The child's Centrelink-generated customer reference number (CRN). You can obtain a CRN by attending your nearest Centrelink Customer Service Centre or by phoning Centrelink on 136 150.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, you will receive a letter of confirmation of your child's registration with the Better Start initiative. Your child will then be able to access funded Speech Pathology sessions.

Communicate will require your child's CRN and date of birth prior to commencement of sessions.

Evidence shows that targeted early intervention for children with eligible disabilities better prepares them for the transition to school.



The information in this pamphlet is a collective summary of potential funding options as at 8.12.2014. For up to date accuracy, please consult your healthcare professional or the appropriate funding mechanism website.