Working with Special Needs

The Communicate Speech Pathologists are highly trained and empathetic professionals who have been working in the disability sector for over 12 years. Working within a compassionate and understanding framework, they are committed to improving the lives of all people with Communication difficulties no matter their level of ability of background.

Communicate's philosophy is centred on the premise that individuals with special needs and communication difficulties are able to make great progress when treatment is aimed at recognizing their strengths and individual abilities. At Communicate, whilst we work to remediate our client's difficulties and seek to make improvements for them we do not focus on their deficits. We look at what the individual CAN do. We acknowledge that therapy can be challenging for some of our special needs clients and we work to ensure that their self-esteem is nutured throughout the therapy process. With the right encouragement and support every client has the opportunity to make wonderful gains.

Communicate has a reputation amongst our referral networks and peers for working with clients with special needs of all ages and level of ability. We see the potential in every client and can often make a difference for children who have been given a poor prognosis.

Our therapists have specialty skills in the area of augmentative communication and are very proficient in developing advanced communication systems for our clients with special needs to assist in their everyday communication. We work with the latest technology such as the Proloquo2go for communication on the Apple i-pad and i-touch. We also design, create and provide training for PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display) communication books.

Our skills in the PROMPT technique have also proven very useful in eliciting speech production in non-verbal children. We have seen speech develop in our clients who were previously told they would only achieve communication using sign language or visuals.

Communicate has worked in many special needs schools and Autism satellite classes across Sydney. We are proud of our association with many special needs schools and organizations.

The speech therapists at Communicate are dedicated to helping children and adults with special needs and are proud of our association with many special needs organisations.

Children with Autism

The team at Communicate are members of the Fahcsia Helping Children with Autism Provider Panel. Our therapists have specialised in the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders for over 10 years. See our Speech Therapy Funding page for more information about Fahcsia Funding for children with Autism.

Children with Disabilities

We are also members of the Better Start Initiative Provider Panel for children with disabilities including clients with Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, sight and hearing impairment and Fragile X syndrome. For more information about this see our Speech Therapy Funding page.

Adults with Disabilities

Communicate Speech Pathology also services the communication needs of adults with special needs in supported work places. We have partnered with many organizations to provide one-to-one therapy to address various communication needs. Our model also ensures practical and meaningful special needs speech therapy support structures can be put in place for the individual and their carers.

If you are keen to know more about our services or refer a potential client, please feel free to contact us on 02 9328 3444 or via our contact form.

"Communicate Speech Pathology and their director Emily Joseph provide a fully comprehensive and strongly relationship based service that enhances the confidence and well being of all those in the circle around our children with special needs. The carers and school have confidence that they are receiving thorough and professional support that will enhance each child's development and well being."

Preschool Director, Eastern Suburbs

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