Language Development 3yrs

Language Development in Children Checklist:

  • Tells how objects are used e.g. tell me what you do with a spoon?
  • Answering questions logically e.g. what do you do when you’re tired? What do you do when you’re cold?
  • Uses several pronouns e.g. he, she, they, we
  • Tells about remote events e.g. What do you do when you’ve lost something?
  • Produces basic sentences not about the here and now e.g. tell me about your sister
  • Recall events with language e.g. where did you go this afternoon? What did you have for breakfast? Who did you go to the park with? What did you do at the park?
  • Recalls basic information from stories
  • Following 2 part instructions e.g. get your shoes and put them in the bag
  • Use “and” appropriately (36 months)
  • Uses ‘can’, ‘do’ , ‘have’, ‘will’ and ‘be’ (31-32 months)
  • Uses ‘can’, ‘do’ and ‘will’ in questions (33-34 months)
  • Uses ‘but’, ‘so’, ‘if’ and ‘or’(31-32 months)
  • Uses ‘won’t’(33-34 months)
  • Uses ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘don’t’, ‘can’t’ interchangeably (28-30 months)
  • Continues to ask “what?” and “where?” questions
  • Starts talking more about time e.g. talks about yesterday (36-40 months)
  • Uses diverse sentence types
  • Starts to use would, should, might, may (50% of the time)
  • Continues to use “the” and “a” in phrases (30 months)
  • Uses “has” and “had” rather than just “have”
  • Uses subject + aux + verb + object e.g. Mummy will eat the cake, Mummy can cook the pizza (31-32 months)
  • Starts to use “because” (35-37 months)
  • Uses object noun phrases with verbs such as ‘think’, ‘guess’, ‘show’ (35-37 months)
  • Starts to use more irregular past tense e.g. came, fell, broke, sat, went (25-46 months)
  • Starts to use “ed” endings e.g. pulled (26-48 months)
  • Uses uncontractible copula ‘is’ e.g. Who is sick? “He is” (27-39 months)

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