Preschool Screenings and School Readiness Testing

At Communicate we have a demonstrated passion for working with early educators to reduce the frequency of speech and language disorders in school-aged children. This means ensuring that children with communication disorders are identified as soon as possible prior to commencing school.

The team at Communicate offers a range of screening services to day care and pre-school centres. We employ fully qualified Speech Pathologists and our own specially designed tools to guarantee a thorough screening process. Parents and teachers are involved every step of the way and are given clear feedback and recommendations regarding their child’s communication development.

Communicate Speech Pathology also offers a standardised school readiness assessment to help identify any areas which should be addressed prior to the child commencing school. Following this testing, your Communicate Speech Pathologist will develop an individualised program targeting identified areas of concern to ensure that your child will make a successful transition to primary school. This program will be offered on a one-to-one basis in a home or preschool setting. Like all our service offerings, this mobile approach encourages generalisation of targeted skills, ensuring that your child gets the maximum benefit from their school readiness program.

Our team has screened the communication skills of over 3000 children. If you are interested in having Communicate screen the children at your centre or facilitating their transition to school please contact us on 02 9328 3444 or via our contact form.