Speech Therapy for Adults

At Communicate Speech Pathology we are very passionate about our work with people with disabilities and are currently treating adults in several supported workplaces in Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra and Melbourne with terrific results.

Through our therapy programs at these centres, we have been targeting:

  • intelligibility of speech sounds;

  • increasing length and complexity of utterances;

  • understanding and using questions;

  • problem solving and reasoning;

  • Social skills to interact with staff and peers.

These goals are designed within the framework of their social needs and needs of the workplace. They are ultimately designed to foster independent communication. We have also focused on providing ongoing strategies and management plans to the carers and client managers at these centres…

If you would like further information on our services for adults in supported workplaces, please contact us on 02 9328 3444 or via ourĀ contact form.