intensive literacy program for primary school children

Accelerate your child's literacy goals with our school holiday intensive reading & spelling program

About the program:

This literacy program is a highly effective evidence-based program supporting primary school aged children to acquire the skills to achieve their reading and spelling literacy goals. This program is delivered by our qualified Speech Pathologists trained in the Sounds-Write program. It is specifically designed to equip participants with the skills to make it easier to read and spell.  

Focus areas:  

  • Letter sound awareness – linking a letter to the sound it makes.
  •  Phonological awareness: Rhyming (words that sound the same), Syllabification (breaking up words into sounds), Blending (putting sounds together to make words, Segmenting (breaking up a word into the sounds), Manipulation of sounds (changing sounds in a word to make a new word).
  •  Long vowels vs short vowels – eg: The ‘a’ in cat vs the ‘a’ in rain
 Program availability: this program will be exclusively run during Term 1 School Holidays only.
 Duration: 5 x 30 minute sessions delivered via Telehealth. 

This program may be eligible to be claimed under Private Health insurance. Please contact your Private Health Insurer to verify rebates associated with this program.