Preschool and school readiness screenings

What are Preschool (early learning) screenings? 

Many parents wonder if their child’s speech and language skills are at the right level for their age. A great way to determine if your child is developing these skills appropriately is to complete a Screening Assessment. 

Early learning screening service:

Preschool language and School Readiness screening - Communicate Speech

Our early learning screenings are available to be delivered in home, daycare, preschool or multiple settings. By offering therapy across various locations we can maximise accessibility for families and promote generalisation of new skills for children in their own environments.

Our qualified and practising  Speech Pathologists use their own specifically designed diagnostics to guarantee a thorough screening process. Parents and educators are involved in every aspect of the process and are given clear feedback and recommendations on development. 

What does an early learning screening involve?

Our screenings are delivered via a 1:1 assessment by a certified and practising Speech Pathologist, and are approximately 20 minutes in duration. During the screening our therapists will screen the child’s speech sounds, language and play skills.

Note: for this screening service to be delivered via daycare or preschool facilities a minimum of 5 children are required to participate in the screening. 

School readiness screening 

We also offer a standardised school readiness screening to help identify any areas which should be addressed prior to a child commencing school. 

This screening is offered on a one-to-one basis in a home or preschool setting. Like all our service offerings, this mobile approach encourages generalisation of targeted skills, ensuring that the child gets the maximum benefit from their school readiness screening, 

What does the school readiness screening involve?

Following the screening, your Communicate Speech Pathologists will develop an individualised program targeting identified areas of concern to ensure that the child screened will make a successful transition to primary school. 

Transitioning to primary school

As your child enters primary school, our team of qualified and practising Speech Pathologists can continue to support your child by providing school-based sessions (based on location) or Telehealth services.