Choose an object e.g. animal, furniture, food, transport etc and give clues without revealing the name of the object e.g. it’s a large grey animal, it has big floppy ears, it has a trunk.

Category games

Games that involve generating items from a set category in a given time period e.g. tell me as many foods as you can in a minute. You can make the distinctions finer e.g. tell me hot foods, tell me hot drinks, tell me large animals, tell me winter clothes, tell me green fruits etc. Naming categories is also an important skill for organising the semantic system e.g. doll, ball, puzzle belong in which group? Toys.

Adjective/Attribute games

Games that involve describing items e.g. tell me 3 things about a banana, giving the function of items e.g. what do you do with a jacket? Generating objects that have similar characteristics e.g. name 2 things that are hot, red etc.

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